The age of no return

I am firmly of the opinion that I have officially gone past the plateau of my physical health and am now on a steady slope down a long hill that leads to the precipice of death. Yes, at the age of 38, I can no longer pretend that age is just a state of mind. A number of things have brought me to that conclusion, all of which Iwill list as a guide for you to monitor for the symptoms yourself.

1) Grey Hair
I was very lucky to avoid any grey hair until just a few months ago. I found one, saw it as something of a novelty, plucked it out and no more were seen for some time. Now, I have about 10 and I will have to accept that pulling my hair out is probably not the best course of action. Not that I fear baldness (I am too like my grandfather who never lost his hair but had bad knees like me to worry about losing hair), but alopecia was something I had as a child and it does not suit school teachers.

2) Musical taste
Using my good ICT skills, the excellent Audacity download and a PC I edited down, mixed and adjusted all the music for the school talent show a couple of weeks back. There was only one problem, and that was that I seemed completely unable to tell two particular tunes apart. They sounded like "boom boom boom boom", in essence like a load of noise that was just too modern for me. That, as any episode of "Grumpy Old Men" will tell you, is a sure sign of old age.

3) Driving
I no longer feel the need the need to race away from traffic lights. Instead I having the economy meter on in my car all the time and try to get too and from work averaging more that 30mpg.

4) My back
My back hurts so often through doing absolutely nothing. I get it put right and it goes wrong again within two months. I see an osteopath (not a chiropractor) and he is great, but like an old car, I now have to be treated with great care.

5) Plants
I now grow courgettes, tomatoes, peppers and herbs. in my youth I would never have done this, indeed even 5 years ago I would have considered it a waste of time.

So, that's it. The end is nigh !


Bardirect said...

At least you won't be watching "Top of the Pops" and wondering: "Is that a man or a woman etc?"

James Higham said...

You need an airbed. They're brilliant.

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