3rd Tory Leaflet in Norwich North

We received the third Tory leaflet this morning, although as my non political wife pointd out "We've had this one before". We haven't, of course, it's just that it looks identical, is laid out the same, and is the same size as the two previous Tory leaflets. I wonder how many other people will also think they have "had this one before" and will instantly throw it away without read it.

It seems the Tory agent brought in for this election does not understand one simple basic truth about leaflets, that they should look diofferent from previous leaflets in size, colour, orientation and shape in order to allow people to recognise that they are indeed different leaflets.

Oh, and the more politcally astute will note that virtually all the photos were taken on the same day because she has the same blouse on in each photo (and changes her jacket).

I wonder too how the Tory candidate can attempt to take credit for new youth facilities in Taverham that have been paid for by Taverham Parish Council and have nothing to do with actions by either Tory run Broadland or any local Tory councillors.


Anonymous said...

At least they appear to be working hard to gain this seat.

Matthew Huntbach said...

They appear to be promising to spend more money - on youth services, traffic calming measures and recycling, while moaning about higher local taxes. Any more Tory leaflets like this, and I'll be turned into a Charlotte Gore fan.