Norfolk MPs with nothing to hide print additional costs allowances online

Four Norfolk MPs who clearly feel they have nothing to hide regarding their expenses have decided to print their additional costs allowances details for the last four years on their websites today.

You can find the details at http://www.normanlamb.org.uk , http://www.richardbacon.org.uk , http://www.iangibsonmp.org.uk and http://www.charlesclarke.org.uk .


Anonymous said...

The link for Ian Gibson leads to an artist's website, you want http://www.iangibsonmp.co.uk

Anonymous said...

I'm sure there are other MP's who reveal their expenses online as mentioned in the news.

But regarding the media circus that put it's tent up outside Westminster Tuesday tea-time after the Speaker's resignation announcement, I was agahst that the ITV 6.30 News absolutely trounced the BBC's 6.00 O clock coverage. They spent a good 21 minutes going into much more detail and the history of the guilty one. And we thought ITV were only interested in cats stuck up in tree stories!


Mark Reckons said...

Hi Nich. OT I know but I have tagged you in this meme:



Anonymous said...

Ask not what you can do for your constituents, but what your constituents can do for you.

Cllr Brody (Jack)