19 Firsts Meme

I am not sure I should thank Irfan Ahmed for tagging me for a meme on 19 firsts, but here is my attempt at answering most of the questions.

First Job
Abbey National (YTS) aged 16. Soon left for full time properly paid job at Norwich Union.

First Real Job
As above,

First Role in Politics
Canvasser in local elections (1991)

First Car
1.0 litre Austin Metro - A375 LVF (still know the plate number).

First Record
I have Wombles records and Bay City Roller's records from 1973/74. But the first I bought was "Shut Up" by Madness.

First Football Match
Norwich City vs Everton, November 3rd 1979. A nil, nil draw.

First Concert
Hue and Cry, 1989, LCR at the University of East Anglia.

First Country Visited
France - Day trip with school in 1985.

First TV Appearance
Romper Room (Anglia TV kids programme) in 1975, aged 4.

First Political Speech
Lectured Mid Norfolk Tory Richard Ryder MP in 1986 on a school visit to parliament on selling weapons to Iran and Iraq. boy was I proved right on that !

First Encounter with a Famous Person
Miss Rosalyn (presenter of Romper Room who famously had to leave the show because she got pregnant). I stood slightly in shock at her entrance to the room. The first really famous person I saw was Larry Grayson walking along the road in Great Yarmouth when he was doing the Generation Game.

First Brush With Death
Slipped on breakwater/Coastal defences when I was about 10. Had a "life flashes before your eyes" moment and a minor panic.

First House/Flat Owned
First flat I owned was in Fakenham when I was 30.

First Film Seen at a Cinema
Star Wars (not in 1978 it was called Star Wars, not Episode IV and not "A New Hope".

First Time on the Radio
Radio interview by Radio Norfolk at an election count, probably in 1998.

Oops - Forgot that I spoke to jeremy beadle on the old "Talk Radio" back in 1994 !

First Politician I Met
Richard Ryder (Tory). First Lib Dem MP I met was in 1993 and was Alex Carslisle)

First Book I Remember Reading
Oh there are too many to name as I cannot remember the first one. I read from an early age and preferred newspapers.

First Visit to the London Palladium

First Election
1991. My dad won a safe Tory seat by 23 votes and still holds the seat now.

I won't tag anyone else and I hope you have learnt something of interest about me.


Dan said...

how/why did you get from NU to teaching?

James said...

Can you remember the name of the lady who presented Romper Room. Miss............?

Norfolk Blogger said...

James, I think I already mentioned her.

Dan, how to get from NU to teaching ? Realise that NU believed (and still do) that their staff are their least important asset and also understand that a good day's work is not rewarded and promotion is based on who you know and have a drink with.

James said...

Sorry Nich
I read your answer to TV appearance and imediately memories came flooding back to my childhood!
Didn't bother with the rest of your answers after that.
Must pay more attention to Sir in future......

jailhouselawyer said...

I am surprised you have not changed the blog name to Afghan blogger given that the MOD has spent £Millions turning Norfolk into an Afghan village...