The worst possible thing to find on your doorstep ... a racist leaflet full of lies from the BNP

The people in my village are probably arriving home this evening to find their doorsteps littered with something even more unpleasant than a cat turd. Yes, the BNP have been out delivering hate filled leaflets full of contradictory myths that they claim to be fact.

I cannot be bothered list all the errors and lies they claim as "facts" in their leaflets, but needless to say if you are blaming the EU and immigration from Europe for the vast majority of immigration in to the UK, you can hardly claim that the UK will have white people as a minority in 50 years time, after all, most people from Europe are also white people.

As I said, it doesn't take a large brain to work out that if the BNP cannot get this simple fact right then there is a good chance that their other "facts" are equally wrong and misleading.

Still, there are plenty of thick people about who believe such rubbish or articles in the Daily Mail claiming we will be overrun in 50 years time.

A good argument stands on its own merits, but if you'll have to lie, you've lost the argument.


Julian H said...

I'd rather find a leaflet than cat turd.

Antony said...

This is a democracy Nich - print a Focus leaflet to rebutt their lies and go deliver it! And I urge that of the Tories, Labour and even the Greens in your area.

The only way to fight the BNP is to take them on and beat their arguements.

Norfolk Blogger said...

It is interesting and not a little hypocritical isn't it that you tell me about democracy and send a comment to my blog yet the last two times I have sent comments to your blog Antony they appear not to been published.

John said...

Antony - you have a point about democracy but are you being intentionally ironic with "Focus leaflet to rebutt their lies"? I thought rule Number One from Cowley Street is to lie and act shamelessly?

gary elsby said...

Living in a City that has an unhealthy large presence of the bnp, I would offer this warning.

The bnp want only one councillor to get in (followed by public furore) but then once in,the arguments begin to appear of democracy and acceptability.

It is the acceptability that allows other to vote the same.

The bnp will scrutinise your council spending on minority groups and causes(grants etc) and their arguments will be based upon discrimination against the majority white British electorate.

They see no rhyme or reason in supporting minority groups and will press the case for non discrimination (their version) grants. This may gain ground and they will persue legitimate accounts of these grants but the hidden agenda is no accounts available. This happens with groups like this.

They will look for Mosques being built on the council tax and look towards church (christian) groups being discriminated against.They hunt for this information.

To protect your local community and to fight off the bnp, it may be the right policy for your council to tighten up on these areas.

King Athelstan said...

Does anyone really need to respond to the BNP. Their ideas are so bsurd they counter themselves.
(Spending public money on counter demonstrations resulting in violent assaults with claw hammers seems wholly inappropriate.)

Anonymous said...

Ouch - Gary Elsby

apologies if I read that wrong, but your last sentence reads like "Fight off the BNP by doing yourselves the things that the BNP would do if they got elected."

Maybe a good approach for winning elections but a poor approach to winning the battle of ideas?

Julian H said...

One solution, in that case, is to simply not fund theistic cults with taxpayers' money.

Gary Elsby said...

Anonymous: Well,ok, I get your drift but the BNP have only one agenda and that's xenophobia in every policy.

Public acceptibility is their over riding aim and non of this skin head nail bombing stuff (true of an occasional member).

Griffin's aim is to sharpen up the appeal to the eye and no chance of any racist talk by elected councillors. That's left to the amateur press hounds, who just so happen to be BNP members.

The BNP will certainly target such tax funded minority groups with a racial equality element in it. They will look for the tag 'audited accounts' and will jump for joy when there is no audited accounts for yaers 1999 2000 2001 2002 etc. and you wil hear a great deal of it in the run up to a local electon, with of course. the addition of £XXk being paid out to certain councillors on the 'gravy train'.

These tactics have worked so far in de industrialising areas and most certainly with a flood of six or seven immigrants in it.

In general I don't accept that local councils should not fund minority groups but they should certainly tighten up the audited accounts area, but even that may throw up a new BMW for a Director of a charity. There you go.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you lot need to stop living in cloud cuckoo-land and try living in areas of high immigration. I find it laughable that a former Lib Dem councillor from Norfolk should write diatribes against the BNP. What experience of living amongst masses of immigrants do you have? And if it's such a wonderful and noble thing I suggest you try doing so. I would start with places like Birmingham, Bradford, London and the like. No? I could say I'm surprised but hypocrites rarely surprise me. Like the rest of the hypocrites on here, you see immigration has this wonderful, noble thing. Tell that to the white victims of racism - the ones you and the rest of the fawning, simpering left-wing idiots choose to ignore or, more shamefully, claim doesn't exist to any great extent. People have a right to vote for who they please. Thank God the Lib Dems will never gain power if you're an example - and if you're an example they never will! The Asian extremists must be laughing up their sleeves. You chastise your own kind while they plan their own evils. Carry on living in cloud-cuckoo land morons. Let's see how you like it when you're under the thumb of the immigrants that you bend over backwards in defending.

The only answer you have to people who disagree with immigration is to use the same bullshit you always use as an answer - "you're a racist", "you're a white supremacist", "thick knuckle-dragger", etc, etc. You are so stupidly naive it's embarrassing. THE BNP tell the truths that you wish to hide from people, that's why you hate them. Try living with the misery of immigration before you condemn others for showing it up for what it really is - something that you and the rest of the hypocrites on here defend but wouldn't want to live with to any great extent. Well that'll change thanks to idiots like you.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Oh Mr brave Anonymous person. If you so believe what you say, put your name to it !

In many ways you have backed up my argument. There is no problem with immigrant populations in the area in which I live, so why should the BNP try to make out that there is ? The only way they can do this is to lie and mislead by telling lies.

If there are real issues, why are they not using them ?