Throwing the baby out with the bath water

Why is it that because a few bad MPs have bent and twisted the second home allowance in order to pocket vast sums of cash that other MPs who have not been corrupt and live in rural constituencies some distance from the Westminster will miss out in the future ?

It strikes me that there must be many MPs who do their work in Westminster much better because they do have a small place of their own to store suits, fresh clothes and even a small desk to get some work done, things that are not always possible of MPs are to be asked in future to use hotels to stay overnight.

Simply clearing up the system and making better rules that work seems a far better option.


Bill Quango MP said...

Don't even go there. Do not get sidetracked. This was never about expenses and allowences. It was about adding 75% to salary{tax free}, while all the time claiming the moral high ground on low{ish} pay.

Do not make excuses for MP's. We can make enough for ourselves. Just watch what happens now.

Malcolm Redfellow said...

Just a thought, prompted by the other half of my schizoid politics:

Can anyone explain why the First Minister of Northern Ireland and his charming homophobic wife, spend so much time in London they can claim £40,342 between them for hotels?

Or why smiling Gerry Adams (at least we now know why he's smiling) stuffs his wallet with £21,131 a year for staying in London, but does not sit in Parliament? On which topic, is the Great British public too busy obsessing over a couple of mucky movies to take note that Sinn Féin takes three-quarters of a million out of Parliament, without recognising it?

It's ironic that Sylvia Hermon (by a small light-year the nicest, most liberal, most intelligent and best intentioned of the NI MPs) is also the "cheapest".