Student Loans Company - Not fit for purpose

Last year, after an enormous amount of effort from both myself and an amazingly helpful member of staff who deals with teachers pay, I finally got the Student Loans Company to admit I had repaid my Student Loan in full. The Student Loans company wanted me to carry on repaying my Student Loan for another year, whereupon they said they would repay me a year's worth of repayments at the end of the financial year.

Now, some 11 months later, the Student Loans company have sent me two further letters claiming I owe them different amounts.

To describe the Student Loans Company as "not fit for service" is to discredit other government agencies that have also been given this label.

The SLC are the student version of the Child Support Agency. Incompetent, unhelpful and totally unfocused on helping customers.

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ThunderDragon said...

The SLC always has been abysmal, and the entire system around it is just as bad. Like they only update the amount you owe on an annual basis! How on earth can they get away with this?!