Fred the Fraud

Tomorrow's papers are apparently full of revelations regarding Sir Fred Goodwin, the man who liked to be known as Fred the Shred for his costcutting.

Apparently various newspapers and the Lib Dems have found out that his office was decorated with wallpaper costing £1000 a roll, his limo bill per month was £100,000 and on top of this, in the very height of decadence, he liked his fruit to be flow in on a daily basis from Paris.

Isn't it about time he was referred to as Fred the Fraud ?


Anonymous said...

A scotsman eating fruit?i don't believe it.

WestBrom Blogger said...

I Know I haven't seen a UK newspaper or any news for that matter for over a week but unless I have missed something dramatic, having £1k rolls of wallpaper in your office does not make you a fraudster.

Same as being in the Lib Dems does not make you Liberal.

Norfolk Blogger said...

I didn't say gt was a fraudster. I aid he was a fraud becdise he liked to have the image of an austere cost cutter when his own actions were she from this image.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Apologies for the spelling. I am posting from my phone.