Common sense on education ?

What a complete and genuine surprise from the government today. An announcement on schools which should be greeted by teachers, parents and learners alike.

The government, it seems, have woken up to the fact that school league tables really are no proper measure of how good a school is. It is clear to anyone who has any knowledge of the education system that league tables record only what is measurable and not what is important.

Instead of simple tables recording SATs results, the government wants schools to be graded in a similar way to that used in New York with grades given judging the "added value" that schools gives to children's results, the schools record on discipline, school attendance and a whole host of other measures.

Don't whisper it too loud but Ed Balls, the education minister, might not be as dim as he seems !


Quentin said...

I cheated at school once by copying someone else's work and got punished as a result. Mr Balls does it and you applaud him. :-)

Norfolk Blogger said...

As someone who marks books and recognises copying quite quickly I have to distinguish between those who copy the wrong answers and those who at least have the sense to copy the right answer :)

Quentin said...

Good answer(and spelling) :-)