Another example of biased reporting towards Apple

I am not an Apple fan. The company's obsession with seemingly making their technology not work with other manufacturers equipment is something that I find hard to fathom in the modern digital world whilst those who would buy a dog turn if it had an Apple badge on it also turn me off their range. And to prove just how biased the world is in favour of Apple, look at THIS article on the BBC website which hails the new Ipod shuffle which "tells you what song is playing". Every MP3 player I have had since 2004 has told me what song is being played via the built in screen, so the fact that Apple have failed to add screens to the Shuffle in the past and are now finding away around the absense of a screen should hardly be sold as a feature, but its a sign of the massive bias towards Apple from the press.


Paul Pinfield said...

Nich, as far as I am aware, iPod's work with Windoze machines.

One of my company iMac's is happily running Sage, via Windoze XP and Parallels. I would say that Apple product seem to be more compatible with of the platforms, not less.

Starls said...

You really do have an irrational problem with Apple don't you Nich? I've never had any compatibility issues with the 4 iPods I've owned, nor any technical problems (or battery problems before you go into that one). The fact they have developed technology that tells you the track without having to use a screen which thus keeps the cost down and the device small (as well as making it useable for blind or partially sigthed people) is not only good, but innovative and worthy of reporting.

(oh, and do you still have your Sony MP3 player - surely they are the masters of proprietary formats designed not to work on other technology!!)

Norfolk Blogger said...

I suggest you but an IPhone and see what you can't do that you would expect as standard.

Try sending a photo with an Iphone - Oops, can't do it, you'll have to pay for an application.

The fact is that some people would but the Apple Dog Shit, sorry, IDogshit if they did it.

Starls said...

You haven't responded to my question at all - you love to lambast people who miss the point to your blogs too. Oh well!!

I wasn't talking about the iPhone, but seeing as we're on the subject.....

SMS, MMS, photo messaging etc is a dying format. In a few years time, with GPRS, wireless and mobile internet, photos will be sent by email, messages will be sent by email, even calls will be made over the internet.

Would you send an MMS or SMS from an internet connected PC (or Mac ;-))? No! With an Internet connected mobile phone such as the iPhone you shouldn't have to either!

It's called 'digital convergence' and its actually making mobile communication a far more compatible technology with those common, standardised and non proprietary technologies we use everyday on the internet.

So, yeah, you were saying something about their non compatible technology.......?

Norfolk Blogger said...

Convergance technologies are backward compatible and don't assume that everyone is email connected. Most mobile phone users do not have linked email addresses to their phones.

The fact that the iphone can do MMS but requires an application shows that Apple would rather charge you for something.

It will take many years for people to abandon MMS in favour of e-mail and by then the Ipgone 3g will be old technology, as its camera is already. Strange for a convergance technology to have such a backward camera though, isn't it ?

As for your initial point about Apple "saving costs by having no screen", why is it that other MP3 players are cheaper ?

Starls said...

"Most mobile phone users do not have linked email addresses to their phones."

Sure, it appeals to a certain kind of consumer who are web 'savvy' - and enjoy being 'online' 24/7. I know alot of people with them and alot of people who love them but it will never appeal to everyone!

"The fact that the iphone can do MMS but requires an application shows that Apple would rather charge you for something."

Or conversely, the fact is mobile phone companies make a fortune from SMS and MMS yet Apple give you the option of doing it for free using technologies everyone else uses. Hotmail, gmail, twitter, facebook, picasa et al are all free and freely available on the iPhone.

Other MP3s being cheaper doesn't mean Apple aren't saving money or value for money. Why do you buy a Panasonic TV over a Matsui?