A scheme I am amazed our government has not copied

The Italians have a novel way of making extra money from motorists. They not only install camera's to photograph drivers jumping traffic lights, but they alter the speed of the intervals between the lights changing to different colours in order to confuse drivers and increase the number of fines.

Read about it HERE.

I am astonished our government have not copied this idea given their willingness to use cover the country in speed cameras.

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Lord Mandelbottom of Marrakech (Peter to my friends) said...

Hello little Nichy

I must say you have rather stolen my thunder. In a recent visit to Italy, I met with the beautiful young man behind the T-Redspeed system.

I must say that I was very taken with both him and his little wheeze. I was hoping to secure the UK rights to T-Redspeed to help boost my income. It has been a terrible struggle since I again devoted myself to the public good.

How is a Loard to survive without a little second income?

Ho hum