No wonder the kids have problems if the parents are like this

Parents have reportedly complained that a presenter on children's TV channel CBeebies is "scaring their children" because she had one arm !

Quite astonishingly these parents claim their children are so disturbed to see that someone on TV does not conform to their perfect vision of the world that the kids are having nightmares !

What utterly useless parents these people must be if they cannot explain simply to their children that people in the world are different from each other, some have disabilities, some need wheelchairs, some are ill, some have spots, some run faster than others, some have different skin colours and some people, despite their handicaps overcome the hurdles put in front of them and show that efforts in life is rewarded.

Presumably these same people will not allow their children to watch the Paralympic Games for fear that the children will have nightmares from watching Ellie Simmons or Oscar Pistorius competing.

You have to fear for the future of this country if this is the type of parent having children in this country.


Bill Quango MP said...

My nan complained to my school about a teacher who was too tall.
She thought the kids would be scared of him.
Too right we were. Apart from being 6'10" he was bloody strict.

Chairman Bill said...

Kids need protecting - from parents.

Letters From A Tory said...

The paralypmics gave me nightmares, but only because athletics is so boring to sit through.