A mixed message from Leicestershire County Council ?

On Thursday night I listened to Radio Five on the way home from work. On the show they were interviewing the Tory leader of Leicestershire County Council who, in what seemed to me an attempt to win populist support, had said teachers who cannot make it to school because of the bad snow should go unpaid for those days unless they have made a "reasonable attempt" to get to school. This typical "teacher bashing" comment might win votes from people angry that their local school is closed because of bad weather, but the Council leader's statement failed to properly quantify what a "reasonable attempt" was.

Given the leader of the council was making such a strong statement about teachers, one might imagine that Leicestershire County Council was itself making a "reasonable attempt" to keep all its roads open. However, a Leicestershire County Councillor was on the radio yesterday morning complaining that Leicestershire County Council was itself asking for efficiency savings from its road gritting department which would mean cuts in its budget for gritting next year.

So on one hadn the leader of the council is telling teachers their pay will be docked for missing school and on the other the council are looking at reducing its own ability to keep roads open . Very odd indeed.

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