Lib Dems raise concerns about threat to retained firemen

One of the spin offs of Britain no longer having an opt out from the EU's working time directive is that it could directly affect fire services across the UK as many retained firemen will already have worked their full allowance of hours in their normal jobs and it could mean they may not be able to attend to emergencies for fear of sanctions under EU rules.

Many rural areas are reliant on the volunteers who serve as retained firemen. I know from my brother in law who is a retained foreman that recruitment is difficult enough at the moment with fewer people living and working within the designated distance required from the fire station, so the last thing firefighters want the EU to be doing is interfering.

So well done to the Lib Dems who have secured a debate on this issue in the House of Commons and let us hope some common sense can be brought to this issue.

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There was quite a lot of debate about this in Norfolk a couple of years back. Most stations on the Norfolk Coast are staffed by retained FFs.

Aren't people who volunteer for the emergency services outside their day jobs exempt from the EU work directives..?