It may sound cruel, but some would argue that if you are THAT stupid, you deserve to be ripped off

The BBC were featuring a story today about "work from home" scams where people are told they can earn £300 a day for stuffing envelopes in return for a one off £35 fee.

Now lets start by doing the maths. £300 per day is £1500 a week which equates to £78000 a year. Does anyone honestly believe you can earn £78000 a year stuffing envelopes ?

It may sound incredibly cruel, but if you honestly believe you can earn more than a doctor, an MP, a head teacher, a senior policeman, a bank manager, a solicitor or an accountant by stuffing envelopes you really do need a reality check. Why would anyone go to university or train to do one of those highly skilled jobs if they could sit at home drinking tea stuffing envelopes with Jeremy Kyle on the telly ?

Perhaps £35 is a cheap price to pay for a reality check.


Gallimaufry said...

Well it's cheaper than the £35 billion plus that the banks have cost the rest of us in order to give their highly intelligent, university educated "Masters of the Universe" a temporary reality check.
Does anyone honestly believe that you can "earn" £7.8 million a year gambling on the stock and money markets with other people's money?

Adrian said...

Most of the people you mention are on more than 78k...

jailhouselawyer said...

"Does anyone honestly believe you can earn £78000 a year stuffing envelopes ?".

Has this question got anything to do with MPs and cash for questions or the House of Lords cash for amendments?