Clarkson - Apologising for the right thing and ignoring Scots MPs

I am at a complete loss as to why Scottish MPs have become involved in the row regarding Jeremy Clarkson's comments about Gordon Brown.

Personally I feel that Jeremy Clarkson was unnecessarily offensive, but not for the reasons that Scottish MPs got so upset.

As I understand it Clarkson referred to Gordon Brown by describing him in three ways.

1) One eyed
2) Scottish
3) Idiot

To refer to Gordon Browns eye problems was deeply offensive and is simply ridiculing a man who has done well to overcome a disability. For this Clarkson should apologise.

Describing Gordon Brown as an idiot is also not pleasant but is subjective and people could genuinely hold this view and could probably argue a decent case for it (likewise others could refute it). I cannot see that calling him an idiot is anything to apologise for.

So that brings me to the description Scottish. As I understand it Gordon Brown was born in Scotland, has Scottish parents, represents a Scottish constituency and is proud to call himself a Scot, so what is the problem ? Why oh why to Scots MPs and MSPs feel the need to be offended by him being called Scottish ? Anyone is welcome to call me English, indeed I am proud of it as I am sure many Scots are proud to be Scottish.

Some Scots really do need to get over themselves


Malcolm Redfellow said...

You are correct in making your first point, about Gordon Brown's disability.

However, you gloss too easily over the rest. Consider Clarkson's remarkm in full:

"In England we have this one-eyed Scottish idiot, the one-eyed Scottish man, he keeps telling us everything's fine and he's saved the world and we know he's lying, but he's smooth at telling us."

Notice the England/Scottish dichotomy. This concatenation of Scottish+idiot+lying may be acceptable in LibDem circles. To me, it comes remarkably close to "Taffy was a Welshman, Taffy was a thief" and all those totally-unoffensive-of-course Paddy jokes.

The LibDems borrowed the "Bliar" thing off the Trots. Then we had the on-going "Gordon Brown is mad" meme on LibDemVoice.

So, Norfolk Blogger, where should we draw the line? Is there, as Iain Dale today maintained, a fifth freedom, the sacred right to offend? Remembering that Clarkson had taken it on himself in this interview to pontificate on both Australian and British politics, what are the acceptable limits for partisan exchanges?

gadgie said...

basically what is happening is that the anti English so called banter is being repaid in shed loads and they can't cop it.
A scottish MP has this to say about the English "Published Date: 05 February 2009 Scotsman
WILDCAT strikes will become a regular occurrence if European law continues to be used as an excuse for protests fuelled by xenophobia, a senior Scottish MP warned last night.

Michael Connarty, whose constituency covers the Grangemouth oil refinery affected by unofficial action, said the week of unrest owed more to hostility towards foreigners working in England than genuine grievances against European laws.

He said he was concerned long-standing working practices in Scotland that allow workers living within 40 miles of a plant to be prioritised for work were at risk of being compromised amid "nationalist" protests breaking out south of the Border.

the Labour MP for Linlithgow and East Falkirk, told The Scotsman: "I don't think this is about the legislation. What I think this has become is a neo-nationalist argument. I really do believe that it's not about protecting the rights of workers.

"I'm not surprised it's flared up in England. There have been a lot of signals. There is a natural protectionist instinct and a natural instinct against people from other countries. I don't think it has any place in Scotland and I hope we will be able to root it out."

Mr Connarty said that the "half-and-half" deal to ensure 50 per cent of jobs went to UK workers at the Lindsey factory would "take the heat" out of the current dispute".
He is just another cheeky bastard scotsman who wants Grangemouth ringfenced but in England we're all racists.
I want him and the rest of his ignorant arrogant tartan shit heads out of English affairs as soon as possible.
If you look at the link so do a lot of others

Colm said...

It's not ok because it links the idiocy with him being Scottish. Would it be ok to call David Lammy a black idiot, or one of the Milibands a Jewish idiot?

Norfolk Blogger said...

Colm, if it is not offensive to call someone scottisj, then it is not offensive to call them Scottish in any circumstance.

Colm said...

So you don't think context can make a neutral term offensive? Really? I've been on the receiving end of someone calling me a paddy c*** and a ginger c*** and the addition of paddy or ginger definitely made those insults more offensive. I guess I must me very thin skinned then.

Malcolm Redfellow said...

Colm is indeed thin-skinned. After all, "normal" and "Norfolk" are both neutral terms. So, how can they possibly be considered offensive when linked by the preposition "for"? Let us also overlook Mr Clarkson's past record in decrying Norfolk as a place populated by retards, to be avoided unless one is attracted by "orgies and the ritual slaying of farmyard animals".

How can anyone doubt that Mr Clarkson is, as always, transparent and sincere in his comments, and not habitually seeking the publicity on which his ego and bank-balance might feed?

Or something.

Michele said...

I always thought that truth was a great defence - and Brown is Scottish, has only one eye and is an idiot.

So are all the rest of the two eyed variety of Scottish people who have got their kilts in a knot over this

And yes Colm I think you are thin skinned - I have a T-Shirt with the words Pommie Ba*stard all over it - shuts the aussies up!!

Colm said...

Michelle, I don't really think you can compare banter that you have willingly entered into to uninvited racist abuse.