What do the israel apologists and BBC haters do now ?

Since Israel started its campaign and war crimes in Gaza, there have been numerous Israel apologists and BBC haters on various blogs choosing to use the BBC's news coverage as evidence that the BBC is biased against Israel and that the BBC is evil.

Now, with the BBC refusing to broadcast an appeal for aid to be sent to Gaza, where are the BBC haters and Israel apologists now ?

The big problem for the BBC haters is that they always hold up Sky as an example to compare the BBC against. However, Sky have also refused to broadcast the appeal, thus removing this angle of attack.


Tony Sharp said...

The BBC has painted itself into a corner. Over the years it has carried a large number of quotes from various agencies and charities that have condemned Israel in much the way you do.

Now these charities want to advertise an appeal for people in Gaza. The BBC can see that to carry the ad after reporting anti-Israeli quotes in the way it did would leave itself open to bias.

This is not about being pro-Israeli, but about selective BBC News editorial policy coming back to bite it on the backside.

Much as I want the innocent people in Gaza who live under the control of Hamas to receive aid when it is needed, I am reluctant to give money. For I know Hamas will seize some of that aid to support its efforts in continuing to launch missiles and send suicide bombers to kill Israeli civilians. It will also continue to purge Gaza of opponents from Fatah.

Michael said...

Perhaps they don't want to be embarassed by the fact most people are disgusted at their avid support of terrorist organisations such as Hammas and would refuse to contribute.

Norfolk Blogger said...

As opposed to israeli apologist who remain silent even as news breaks of Israeli army atrocities, mass shootings and war crimes ?

The Scribe said...

This whole issue stinks of the sordid bureaucracy that is unfortunately so emblematic of British society today. The BBC, by its own definition, is a ‘public service broadcaster. One of such international prominence as Aunty needs to recognise that its service extends beyond Britain and in this example, into the Gaza strip. This is a humanitarian appeal – how more impartial can one be than by appealing on behalf of a human being? The BBC should be ashamed – theres an interesting blog post here: