Two adverts that are a waste of time

Two adverts strike me as being the most annoying on TV at the moment, but for very different reasons.

The first is NatWest advertising that they have "advisers in over 1000 branches who give free money saving advice". This is the same NatWest who are owned by RBS, who in turn are now 70% owned by the taxpayer because they were so shoddy at making investments in the first place. It's a bit like taking advice on childcare from the mother of Shannon Matthews !

The second advert that annoys me is the one urging people to become teachers. As a teacher I welcome anything that promotes the profession. However, they were reporting on the radio the other day that there had been a marked jump in applications for teaching courses and there seems to be little need for an advertising campaign when there are no shortages of applications. More than that, its a total waste of taxpayers money.

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