Strange parallels

When watching the final moving episode of the Diary of Anne Frank on BBC One last night I wondered if it ought to become prescribed viewing for all those involved in conflict around the world.

The strange parallels between the Frank family being taken from their homes by German forces and the news that Israeli forces in Gaza moved scores of people deliberately to one location before shelling the house with artillery just seems crazy. Sadly though the Israeli state seems to have learnt nothing from the holocaust.

Take the Sabra and Shatila camps where the Israeli forces let in militia men to massacre people i the 1980s, take the consistent policy of independent journalists being targeted and even murdered by Israeli snipers, take the bombing of schools.

Whilst I wouldn't question that Israeli faces a clear and present danger from Hamas, but the Israeli government seem to think that the Holocaust is an excuse for any Israeli behaviour that goes beyond that expected within the Geneva Convention.

I boy in my class, aged just 7, said yesterday when looking at a globe in my classroom, "Oh, Israel, I've found Israel. I saw on the telly that they bomb schools".

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