The Russel Brand good news the Daily Mail won't want to print

On BBC Look East this evening they reported on a charity that helps to rehabilitate people addicted to drugs who are having their government funding cut by 30%, despite a 40% increase in the number of people seeking treatment. Faced with closure, the Bury St Edmunds Charity "Focus 12" has been saved by comedian Russell Brand who has given them £30,000 and has pledged to raise £60,000 per year every year from now on for the charity.

Possibly the sort of good news the Daily Scum won' t be interest in.


Anonymous said...

Charity? How can it be a charity if it receaves so much government money? So much indeed that it is going to cripple its services. When does a charity stop being a charity and become a government quango?

Lee Griffin said...

When it isn't fully autonomous, quite simply.

jailhouselawyer said...

Nich: Like prisoners it's only the negative stories which tend to appear in the tabloids.

Anonymous said...

The charity is always in and out of finacial problems. If you ask me it needs to look at the managment and found out what happens to all the money that goes into the charity. If russel brand is any thing to go by it does not do that good of a job anyway. his actions are disgusting he has no respect for woman. just because you dont use drugs anymore does not mean that you are a well person.He has change one addiction for the other. He dont use herion anymore he uses sex.What would his sponser say?