Probably the last person the tories wanted to hear today

What a pleasant surprise it was to hear Lord (Norman) Lamont on the radio bemoaning the lack of a consistent policy from the government in the midst of the current economic crisis. It was pleasant simply because it reminded us all that it is not just the Labour party who are capable of massive mismanagement of the economy and the treasury.

To hear Norman Lamont go on about the government lacking a thought through policy and failing to give policies a chance to work was almost hilarious given the fact that Norman Lamont (ably assisted by David Cameron as one of his key advisor) managed to squander billions of pounds of tax payers money on one single day (Black Monday) in the early 1990s and famously changed interest three times in one day.

Yes, when it comes to economic advice, the last person we should be hearing from is Norman Lamont.

You could almost imagine the shock on the faces of people in CCHQ when they heard that the man who reminds everyone of Tory mismanagement of the economy was spouting off. Surely the last person they wanted to hear from.


Mr. Jolly said...

Ah yes. The good old days of the European Exchange Rate Mechanism. An utterly ludicrous attempt to tie all the currency's of Europe together. I mean, no sensible party would advocate something similar today would they? After all, it cost us (adopts Dr. Evil voice) six billion pounds! And after we fell out of the ERM the UK economy fell into terminal decline for decades afterwards. Truly, only a political party that had the economic nous of a drunken Scotsman on a spending spree would want to tie our monetary policy to Europe ever again.

Norfolk Blogger said...

And who took us in to the ERM at the wrong rate ? And who spent billions defending the pund because we had clearly gone in at a stupidly high unsustainable rate ?

I am no Euro fanatic, but attempting to blam Europe for the decisions made by Lamont on his team is a poor attempt at a whitewashing of history.