The immigrant myth

The story today about a survey of just 43 people who mistakenly believe that immigrants are given better benefits, access to housing and basically an easy time compared to white British people.

Of course these are myths, but more must be done to dispel the fact that benefits are not piled up high in to wheelbarrows for every immigrant who visits the DSS, but likewise, people ought to know better than to believe every rumour they hear.

I remember when I was a councillor in Fakenham (North Norfolk) that a new social housing scheme was the subject of some criticism from a few local people who went around town telling everyone that the local council was filling the houses with Portuguese immigrant workers.

The fact that this scheme was actually filled with British people off the council housing list, and I was unaware of a single Portuguese family living in town (being a local teacher also meant I knew there were no Portuguese kids at our school), but it did not stop a small number of people spreading utterly false rumours.

The fact is that if people are told the truth, they don't want to know anyway, and I cannot see why that would be any different in the case reported today.


Manfarang said...

Many of those who are classified as belonging to an "ethnic minority" have in fact been born in the UK and are not immigrants at all.

Anonymous said...

You lot obviously don't live surrounded by Indians, Pakistanis and East Europeans in your comfy little villages. I do however and I can assure you it is not a pleasant experience watching the area you grew up in as a girl turned into a ghetto by these people.

Get off your self righteous bums and go to some intercity slums and ask the white people there!


Norfolk Blogger said...

And why not completely ignore the poitn I made rather than changing it to debate something else.

I said nothing about areas changing or about how white people might feel their culture is at risk. That was not my point.

The point was that that there is a myth that immigrants can usurp the system and get more than white people.

Always the same, anonymous people who know nothing making sweeping statements.

And if you wish to look up the immigration problems in Norfolk (Portuguese and polish migrant workers) then do so, but don't talk out of your arse in the meantime.

Anonymous said...

We might speak with more moral strength on this as a nation were we not the very worst at setting up little British communities abroad. Go to France, Spain, Portugal and many other parts of the world and you will find British clubs, people talking English as opposed to the local lingo and essentially little britain abroad.

PaganPride said...

I would have thought that someone living in an area which has a high immigrant population may have some real knowledge of whether or not immigrants are receiving preferential treatment or not.

Their point about your relatively comfortably England village locale giving you a completely skewed opinion is, I believe,a valid one.

Your vitriolic post only highlights the point I believe your anonymous poster is trying to make - you won't believe it because you have not experienced it.

My opinion, Norfolk Blogger, which I am fully entitled to express without having to receive abuse.

Norfolk Blogger said...

You are entitled to your opinion, but again you ignore the reality of the level of immigration to Norfolk, a point I made but you ignored.

Also, you know nothing of where else I have lived. I spent three years in Coventry, certainly an area with a missive immigrant population and a year in Northampton, so I won't make judgements on your life experiences either.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the 43 people that were interviewed are of the same opinion as many other people who live in heavily populated immigrant areas.



You really cannot and should not criticise unless you have lived in say "Newham" "Peckham" or "Luton" where whites are literally stared at and even abused for being in "asian or muslim areas".

As for it being a myth :




This "MYTH" has been proven to be true, so please check your facts before insulting people that have to put up with this crap while you have your civil service job and your nice secure pension!

Norfolk Blogger said...


The myth is not that there are lots of immigrants in this country, which is what all your links seem to point to.

The myth is not that white people are outnumbered in some parts of the country.

The myth is not that white people also suffer racial abuse.

The myth IS that the system deliberately favours immigrants and that immigrants do not have to clock up the same number of points to get benefits or that they get more benefits than a white person in the same position.

These ARE myths. Oh, and if you want to reply again, please get a Blogger log in so you are more traceble than your IP address as your semi abuse is typical of an anonymous poster.