EXCLUSIVE - CPS send letter about sex offences conviction to wrong person - EXCLUSIVE

A regular reader of my blog contacted me this afternoon very concerned about a letter he received from the Crown Prosecution Service.

The letter he received was regarding a minor traffic offence, but inside his letter was another letter giving detailed information about someone else's criminal conviction for sexual offences.

The CPS ought to take this matter extremely seriously and I have advised the source of this information to contact the press regarding this matter.

It seems clear from the letter that

1) The CPS made a mistake in the first instant by giving incorrect information (which is made clear in the final paragraph)

2) They have compounded this by then sending this letter to the wrong person.

I have friends who have dreadful tales to tell about the incompetence of the CPS when they have been witnesses or victims of crime, and this case cannot make anyone confident that they actually do a decent job.

Note - Obviously we do not want to offend any of the victims in this case and have even blurred the name of the caseworker in this case, but we do have the full unmarked letter as evidence of the CPS's failings.

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