99p pints never did me any harm

When pubs are closing at the rate of nearly 5 a week in response to the low prices being charged by supermarkets for alcohol coupled with the recession, it seems rather ludicrous for health groups to moan about one pub chain offering a pint for 99p.

As I recall this was the price charged in my old student union from 1994-97 and I have to say it never did me any harm.

The problem with a lot of health campaigners is that they fail to understand that it is the rise of the supermarkets and the lack of control they have over who buys alcohol and the amount they consume that actually affects alcoholism much more than pubs, who an at least refuse service to someone who is incapable and they can, in theory face sanctions if they continue to allow people who are intoxicated to continue.

Indeed only last week there was a report of a pub landlord who reported two drunk parents to the police who turned up at his pub drunk with a child in a pram. Can you imagine Tesco doing that ?

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