Why would the police and CPS hold back such vital evidence ?

The not guilty verdict given today on Suzanne Holdsworth really does beg the question as to why the police and CPS kept back the vitally important piece of information that little Kyle Fisher was severely epileptic.

When the jury were this time told this information, they returned a not guilty verdict, meaning that Suzanne Holsdworth's many years in prison were all the fault of the prosecution in her earlier trial suppressing such vital information.

The question is why people are allowed to get away with locking people up for years on end when they know full well that there is evidence available which would clear the person found guilty, and further from this, it makes you wonder how they sleep at night.

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Paul Pinfield said...

Nich, I long ago stopped being surprised by the depths that the CPS will stoop to in order to get a conviction.

To them, it is all about winning. Shame on them...