Is this all people have to worry about ?

In case some people have forgotten, Strictly Come Dancing is an entertainment show with no prize money or million pound contract at state, it is simply an entertainment show.

Yet to hear the fuss on TV and radio today, anyone would think that it is more significant than the credit crunch.

To top it all off, the BBC had some woman on TV and radio this morning who was one of those who complained. She said that she didn't usually ever vote, but this week she had but "she probably wouldn't watch the final next week because it had spoilt her entertainment". When the radio reporter asked her wasn't she taking it all a bit too seriously, she responded with "oh, the show is just a bit off fun".

Exactly, you stupid cow, so what go on to radio and TV to object to it and then say you wouldn't watch it next week ?

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Heather Yaxley said...

I think it is a form of displacement - the media are desperate for something other than the "big news" and the public are similarly distracting themselves by worrying about the trivial. It will probably cost more to get your few pence back than to leave alone. Does the money go to charity at all - it used to be Comic Relief but not sure where it goes now.