Lib Dem support for arrested Tory MP

It was good to see the Lib Dems today speaking out in support of Damian Green and against the heavy handed way the police have dealt with his arrest.

Whatever his supposed crime, it does seem very odd that nine police officers were needed to arrest Mr Green whilst there are people in London waiting for a police car to turn up to deal with real crime on their doorstep.

There are also real concerns about the fact that Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary, claims she knew nothing of the arrest despite a senior civil servant knowing about it.

Why is it that a civil servant knew that a senior opposition MP was to be arrested but nobody told the Home Secretary ?

All very odd and this whole episode does not make sense.


Anonymous said...

"It was good to see the Lib Dems today speaking out in support of Damian Green..."

Except, of course, for Darrell G, who once again seem to have swallowed the Labour propaganda from the 'Liberal Conspiracy' whole.

Darrell G said...

Dont you think a more relevant question is why two prominent opposition figures who have confirmed they knew did nothing in terms of contacting ministers??

Darrell G said...


If you actually read my comments on Liberal Conspiracy then you would see that is clearly not the case. I could easily turn round and accuse those who mistakenly said that this was a product of anti-terror laws of doing the same...

I think it is legitmate to keep a distance from both parties on this issue...I also think it is right to question what exactly Cameron and Johnson did; this may seem like 'interrogating the victim' to some but to me neither are 'victims' (and neither is the Conservative Party) more bystanders who did squit until this happened and they could bleat about 'stalinism'...