If Jeff Stelling is presenting it, perhaps I will start watching Countdown

I have not really watched Countdown since I was about 16. I occasionally watch bits and pieces, but if I am at home the Countdown music reminds me that Ready Steady Cook must be on the other side. However, the appointment of Jeff Stelling to the job of presenter might make me take a look.

Those of you without Sky will be asking "Jeff who ?", but as presenter of Soccer Saturday he makes a four hour show with a load of has been and never were footballers telling us about the games they are watching, strangely gripping. Let's put it this way, my wife will have it on the TV without moaning.

What is great about Jeff Stelling is that he is very personable, has encyclopedic knowledge of seemingly everything to do with football, can be self deprecating, does not just follow scripts, and is just very likable.

In my opinion Jeff Stelling is an inspired choice by Channel 4, and with the added bonus of no Carol Vorderman (who just makes me want to turn over as much as Gloria Hunniford does), there is another incentive to tune in.


Mark said...

I might watch it again after a similar hiatus to you but if I do, looking at that picture it won't be because of Jeff Stelling!

This reminds me of a thing that Jeff Stelling used to do whenever Total Network Solutions (a team from the Welsh borders renamed after being taken over by the company) used to win. He would say "They'll be dancing on the streets of Total Network Solutions tonight!". Very neatly captured the nonsense of naming a team after a company I thought.

Paul Pinfield said...

Evidence that middle age has arrived.

Anonymous said...

Have you thought of starting a fan club for 'Jeff Stelling' ?