The government created uncertainty that stops people spending

The government wants us to spend money to get the economy moving, but do the government's own actions encourage people to do this ? In my opinion no.

Take for example, local government reorganisation in Norfolk and Suffolk and the effect this is having on thousands of families across those counties. A state of limbo exists where various ludicrous plans for the re-drawing of local boundaries and abolishing of councils are on the drawing board. Aside from the fact that the solutions offered are not wanted by anyone, workers and their families are waiting to make purchases when they know what is going to happen and if they can be sure they will get a job in one of the new councils. The problem is when someone asks the question "When will we know ?", you may as well ask "How long is a piece of string ?"

And whilst all the uncertainty remains, so thousands of families tighten their belts "just in case" they are without a job next year.

Yes, local government reorganisation in Norfolk is unwanted, unwarranted and without support and at the same time it is dragging down the local economy. Another bloody stupid idea from Gordon Brown.

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