Caught short in Bella Italia

I went out after work to get a flu jab followed by a meal with my gorgeous wife then on to see James Bond at the cinema. However, in Bella Italia I was almost put in a very embarrassing situation.

When going to pay for our meal with a bank card, they informed us that they could not accept payments by bank cards, they insisted we should have been told upon entry, and we were left rather high and dry wondering what to do. Upon emptying all our pockets, checking every part in my wife's handbag, and every little part of my wallet, we go to within 15 pence of the bill. At this point I was set to ask the next table if they could spare us 15 pence. Luckily, at this point my wife suddenly found an extra 20 pence piece, saving our blushes. But what an embarrassing situation to be put in by the manager who showed us to our seats but failed to tell us the very basic but important information.

The only fortunate thing was that it meant we did not have to leave a tip. Their service barely deserved it, we had to grab menus off another table, waited 15 minutes just to ask someone for the bill, they never asked us if we wanted more to drink, and sadly, apart from one waitress called Sharon, the service was very poor.

Our mood was lightened however by watching the excellent Bond film, a film only let down by a very boring title sequence and a lousy theme tune.


Paul Pinfield said...

I didn't know they had Bella Italia in the 50s. Oh how I make myself laugh...

StuartR said...

When virtually every other restaurant accepts credit cards, you would have thought that the ones that don't should have big notices up on the front door, ensure that people are told when they come in etc.

I detest lazy service in restaurants, as there are only 3 things that differentiate restaurants, the food, the service and the environment. If they can be bothered to work hard on the 3 basics, then they don't deserve our custom.

2345 said...

Most unusual ... lucky for you that the cinema didn't likewise refuse payment by bank card.