Cameron putting the cart before the horse

Is it just be or has Cameron got things the wrong way round today in his announcement that the Tories would give tax breaks to businesses that take on someone who has been unemployed ?

Businesses are laying people of because of a lack of demand, and the best way to ensure that business picks up is to increase demand for goods. how will Cameron's policy deal with this ? Quite simply , it doesn't.

It does not even deal with the issue of people worrying about losing their jobs because there is no incentive for businesses to keep people on.

I don't doubt that in an economy on the up, Cameron's policy might make sense, but in the current climate it is the wrong medicine completely.


Joe Otten said...

Not to mention that there is a huge deadweight cost as most of these new jobs would happen anyway, even in a recession.

For every job that would have happened anyway, there is £2500 revenue lost, completely unfunded.

Letters From A Tory said...

Right there with you, NB.

Paul Pinfield said...

Cameron's proposal is not the whole answer, but, if there are more people being employed there will be more people with money to spend.

We are currently recruiting and we will to continue to recruit for the next 12 to 18 months. If the Tories were in power, I would be very happy now...