Another myth that we all should be aware of

The ever excellent Liberal England blog explains to us today that William Webb Ellis did NOT invent Rugby, despite the history books proclaiming it and the Rugby World Cup being named after him.

In much the same way as the evidence shows Coca Cola did NOT invent the red suited Father Christmas, it is always worth having common misconceptions questioned.

If I were members of the Webb Ellis family, I'd be delighted to know that William was not responsible. Why ? Imagine if everyone knew that in your family you had an idiot who insisted on picking up a football and running with it under his arm during a game of football. It's like picking up a golf ball and dropping it in to the hole or throwing the tennis ball instead of hitting it with a racket. In short, the story of William Webb Ellis, as it is told, is one of a very stupid boy who couldn't understand a very basic rule of football.

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