30 years

I've just been checking the internet and realise that a very important anniversary in my life has just passed. Yes, the 28th October 1978 was the day I became an Everton fan, a burden that I carry till this day.

Now I know it will confuse people that I also support Norwich, but I follow Norwich out of duty to my home County, but whenever Norwich play Everton it is the blues that have my full and undying support.

So why was 28th October 1978 an important day ? You see, when I was at school we still had glory hunters back then and everyone I knew supported either Norwich (understandable), Ipswich (an inspiring team at that point of the 1970s, and sort of local too), or Liverpool (because they won everything and glory hunters would rather follow a team that wins instead of supporting a team). So even as a seven year old, I tired of people telling me they followed Liverpool and telling me that Kevin Keegan was their favourite player, ignorant of the fact that he had already joined SV Hamburg. So I decided that I would support the first team that beat Liverpool and when Everton beat them, and by pure luck they wore blue too (my favourite colour), it was a match made in heaven.

So 30 years on, I still suffer the agony and occasional joy of being a blue.

If you want to see the great Andy King winner in the 1-0 win over Liverpool in 1878, it is about 2 minutes in to the YouTube clip below.


John said...

Wasn't it Conservative MP Nadine Dorries grandfather who was one of Everton's founder members???

Tony Sharp said...

Good old Andy. It was shame he only stayed at Aldershot for a year, but at least he managed to score a few for us. He was tipped as a possible Shots manager a couple of years ago.

Management has not been kind to him, so it remains to be seen whether he will get another chance to run a reasonable League side. He has to pay for those cigars somehow...