Poor Gideon Osborne - The posh boy who does not understand social etiquette

The whole scandal involving Gideon Osborne taking luxury holidays with billionaires and allegedly seeking donations has come about purely because despite his privilege and family, he failed to understand basic social etiquette.

The press have been reporting that amongst the yachting set, the saying "what happens on the yacht, stays on the yacht", yet as soon as Peter Mandelson was appointed to the cabinet, Gideon Osborne couldn't help but break that rule and let the press know that Mandelson had "dripped pure poison about Brown" in to his ear.

So once he showed his lack of class and his inability to keep his mouth shut he opened the way for others to talk about him.

For a posh boy he has shown a real lack of class.


Letters From A Tory said...

Yup, Osborne dug this hole for himself but that still doesn't justify the ridiculous media attention on someone who didn't even accept a crooked donation - while Mandelson gets away with using his role as EU Trade Commissioner to give Oleg an extra £50 million.

The Half-Blood Welshman said...

I don't care so much about his lack of etiquette - let's face it, none of the four under discussion are saints or even particularly nice people - but his clear lack of any sort of grasp of economics is a persistent bugbear and the real reason why he shouldn't be shadow chancellor.

Anonymous said...

The irony is that the 'new money' Mandy showed more class than the 'old money' toff Osborne.

Anonymous said...

And who exactly has done what that merits such media attention.

No one has done anything wrong !!

It is more likely a warning to Cameron from Murdoch to remember just who runs the UK, for it is he who can build em up, and bring em down.

Anonymous said...

Its Tory arrogance.