Palin guilty

Yes, Sarah Palin abused her powers as Alaskan Governor in order to sack someone who had in turn refused to sack her ex brother in law who she wanted rid of.

It's the true sign of some one's morality and integrity that they use their roles and positions with responsibility.

Would you really trust her in the White House ?


Paul Pinfield said...

Nich, this leaves McCain open to a claim of incompetence. I can't imagine how the vetting process could have overlooked this investigation.

It kind reenforces my perception that McCain is pretty cavalier. In that sense he is very similar to Bush Jr.

Matt said...

You're a hypocrite if you say this decisions just. If this was a Liberal who had been through the same investigation here and arguments used that have no basis in law you would be doing your nut. I don't like her but fair's fair.

Norfolk Blogger said...

The report on her was bipartisan, not packed with Democrats as the Republicans are trying to say.

I seem to recall the Republicans tried these tactics against Clinton when actually his misdemenours were more to do with his personal morals than his ethics.

jailhouselawyer said...

You are right she did abuse her power. I think it is telling that the former McCain supporter, Iain Dale, has now come down on the side of Barack Obama. She's toast.

Bill Quango MP said...

Paul Pinfield is correct.
The allegations of abuse of power were in the papers the same day her candidacy was announced.

Any reasonably competent vetting committee would have weighed the risk of bad publicity just weeks before an election to be too great. Guilty or not isn't really the issue.

McCain looks more and more like an elderly millionaire who, to the disbelief of his family, who flies to Las Vegas, gets a hard-on and marries a stripper.

Paul said...

All I know is that Palin is a complete idiot whereas GW only managed to be a half-wit.