In defence of Jamie Oliver

I am no fan of Jamie Oliver usually. I find his references to "lob some of that" and "look at this little baby" and "pukka" so very annoying, and I have indeed blogged on this in the past. However, not one to hold a grudge, I watched his new show "Jamie's Ministry of Food" during the week and was impressed with the message he was putting across, his zeal in dealing with problems, the care and attention he took with the people who volunteered and he came over in a very good light. So I was surprised to read some pillock of a local councillor in Rotherham attempting, in my opinion, to take the title of "people's champion" and denouncing Jamie Oliver.

Tory Councillor John Gilding, said the show gave the impression all the town's residents lived on "doner kebabs". In actual fact, the show didn't, but the clear focus of the show was to work on those people who do live on junk food, chicken nuggets, burgers and kebabs.

I am not sure what Cllr Gilding eats or the diets of his constituents, but attacking Jamie Oliver for seeking to do the right thing seems the height of populist daftness.

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