Climate Change - It is our fault after all

There was another blow today for climate change sceptics who cannot for one moment countenance that the amount of carbon we chuck in to the atmosphere is making any difference to the weather on earth today as the University of East Anglia produced a new reports highlighting that hum activity is to blame.

The UEA's climatic control department are world leaders in research of this type and their latest report states that "that human activity is responsible for “significant” warming in both polar regions".

I await howls of derision from somebody quoting the now heavily debunked arguments from "The Great Global Warming Swindle".


Letters From A Tory said...

According to critics of climate change evidence, I think you have now become a 'climate change believer', as apparently believing that we are damaging our environment makes you some sort of fanatic these days.

Costigan Quist said...

I always suspected humming was to blame.

Tony Sharp said...

More models, more algorithms, more corrupted science. Where are the details of the peer review of the method and scrutiny of the modelling?

I have no doubt mankind has polluted the environment. That is a major problem and has to be tackled. But there has never been and there remains no firm evidence that proves man has altered the earth's climate.

Last year, the Arctic witnessed record levels of sea ice melt during the summer melting season, prompting scientists at the US National Snow and Ice Data Centre to announce that the effects of climate change were “coming through loud and clear”.

And this year? No mention because it was less than last year. Cause of the melt? A change in the ocean current, not atmospheric warming. And the amount of ice cover now? Far more than for a number of years. Ice cover in Antarctica? Increasing. And despite more CO2 in the atmosphere, global mean temperatures on every measure? Falling.

I will remain sceptical until there is actually some firm evidence of what is being claimed. Despite all these claims, over the last 10 years the projections have been shown to be opposite to the reality we have experienced.