Tories can't stop ID cards - Says Labour Minister

It is quite astonishing to read and hear the arrogance of a failing labour government and it's ministers who are insisting on a "full steam ahead" programme of trying to force people to accept ID cards before Labour lose power.

It appears Labour's latest ruse is to indoctrinate teenagers in to using them and taking them before they know better.

The most worry aspect of this issue is that Labour minister Meg Hillier claims that ID cards would be so integrated in to government policy by 2010 that any future government would be unable to unpick them from the system.

As the BBC reports

"But Ms Hillier said the Tories would find it difficult to "devalidate" the cards that had already been issued and scrap the database that was also being used for passports. "

Obviously Ms Hillier is unaware that any Tory government, no doubt with the full support of all other parties who oppose ID cards, could simply pass a law stating that ID cards would no longer be issues and they would no longer be valid.

Sadly, this smacks again of Labour caring little for civil liberties, the law and democracy.


James said...

Even Toynbee is calling on Brown to abandon his expensive follies, including ID cards.

James Higham said...

The thing is, the ID cards are required by the powers above Brown, so he can't very well dip out of it.