Ignore what the British press say, US voters say Obama won the first presidential debate

Despite the BBC and other UK news sources cliaming that the first presidential debate was a draw, the people who really matter, US voters, are clear that Barack Obama won.

See the CBS poll if you don't believe me.


Dave said...

There's a real air of desperation with you Obama supporters. You've all got so personal. Maybe he'll win, maybe he won't. But if he does you'll have 4 years to think back and wonder what you ever saw in him as he flip flops here and there and shows all the spine of a gutted fish.

Anonymous said...

No I don't believe it! This is the same CBS that in the past that aired those forgeries on "60 Minutes" and well as "Honest" Dan Rather's equally dishonest accusations. I'm no fan of George Bush or even the Republican Party, however CBS is hardly a credible source. The Beeb probably got it right.

cheers from Kansas (like Norfolk, flat, excep[t hotter and browner!)

Anonymous said...

The problem here is that the BBC have already written their headline and seem to want to ignore the polls (not just CBS) that all had Obama ahead.

What is more significant is that this is the debate that Obama's team was most worried about. Foreign affairs was supposedfly McCain's trumpt card, and unable to land any sort of victory here must be a real cause for concern.