How Labour achieve their NHS targets

A friend of my wife has had a serious stomach problem for several months. She is a nurse in the intensive care unit at the local hospital, a ward with severe staff shortages. She his highly trained but has had to miss work because she has been feeling so ill. Having waited several weeks for a scan, she got a stomach scan (camera down the throat, etc) just before the 12 weeks cut off for the "target" to be met.

Now you would imagine that would be it, end of the problem. No. It appears that despite having a scan several weeks ago, despite the tape of the procedure having been available to look at for over a month, that it would have been looked at by now ? Of course, the answer is no.

So according to the NHS statistics, she will have been seen within the specified time, but the NHS are apparently going to take up to 6 weeks longer before actually examining the tape so out friend remains in pain, unable to eat properly, and the intensive care unit at the same hospital still have problems with staffing.

It's a crazy situation that you get seen by the hospital but they do nothing for several weeks.

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Anonymous said...

Many people in her situation go to nearest A & E/Casualty Dept. It always sets theright wheels in motion.

It's a case of the 'squeaky gate getting the oil' under the shambolic target focussed system of 'care'.