How do you kill confidence in a growing housing market ?

Imagine in a few months time that the slump in the housing market has "bottomed out", and that some confidence is starting to come back in to the market. What is the best way to shatter that new confidence ?

The answer is, of course, to re-introduce the stamp duty that has been temporarily suspended today.

The very same thing happened when the Tories tried this after the last housing crash and there is no reason to believe that it will not happen again this time.

The problem is, of course, that to do nothing at all would be negligent, so they are damned if they do, damned if they don't.


Bill Quango MP said...

Its just pathetic now isn't it?

A selection of already tried, largely failed ideas, wrapped up in old and battered crushed box, with torn and faded gift wrap and a tag with "press announcements 2003" crossed through with red ink and rewritten "2008"
Presented by a selection of tired out politicians, with heavy looking slept in skin hanging down their gaunt,haunted, weary faces.

Anonymous said...

to do nothing at all would be negligent

Why Nich? Doing something isn't a zero sum game. Thus, for everyone you (perhaps) 'help', you 'hinder' somebody else.