What has happened to the sunny days of August I used to remember

August bank holiday week was always the week each year when we took out family holiday. Unlike David Cameron, we went on rather modest, but always completely enjoyable, holidays in England, with our usual destination being Blackpool. I do remember that we were always guaranteed at least a couple of days of bad weather, but we were also guaranteed a few really good days of sunny warm weather. The question is, where has this weather gone ?

We all know that our memory of past events can be somewhat whitewashed, but looking back through photo albums, and using my photographic memory, I know that the weather was a great deal better in August when I was a child than it is now.

So what has happened to our summers ? Some people will no doubt argue that it proves global warming isn't happening, I even heard one of the global warming deniers on the radio using the argument that this year was the coolest this century as an argument proving that global warming is not happening whilst neglecting to mention that 2008 is still set to be the 10th warmest year since records began. But there is a clear shift in our weather patterns these days. We now seem to get warm a warm sunny June, and dreadful Augusts followed by decent Septembers.

If this continues perhaps we will have to re assess when our summer school holidays should be.


Stephen Glenn said...

They were so last year nich. ;)

Bill Quango MP said...

I don't know what the cause of all this lack of sunshine is, but it is bound to be something to do with Brown.
Wasn't it sunnier even under Blair?
2 "summers" of Brown and its emigration time on climate grounds alone.

Stephen Glenn said...

What you mean Blair was tough on clouds and tough on the causes of clouds?

JD said...

It really is time to accept reality and admit the whole 'global warming/climate change' issue is just a scam. Even a cursory look at the facts rather than the hysteria shows this to be the case. JD.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Why not JD, you coul also carry on selling sub-prime mortgages in the hope that the market will rise for ever or you can keep burning oil because you expect known oil reserveso to grow or you could invest in Enron because their profits look so great or you could even stick your head in the sand and call yourself an ostrich !

JD said...

Blimey! I didn't expect such a closed-minded, sarcastic and rude response, simply for stating the facts!Obviously you have done no research into the matter. I have been following the scam since 1983 and am not just expressing an opinion.
Respectfully yours, JD.
p.s. Should that not be a question mark rather than an exclamation mark at the end of your comment?

Norfolk Blogger said...

I guess you are lucky in your part of Ireland to have suffeed no climate change at all. You are ucky that the La nina colling effect (that happens regularly every few years) has not been reported in your press, lucky to that your summers are unchanged, that your winters are just and cold as they ever were in your childhood, that, indeed, nothing has changed and that it is all a conspiracy.

No doubt you too watched to great global warming swindle on TV but didn't see all the eminent scientists quoted in the documtary who have since said they were quoted out of context or in some cases were were misquoted.

Perhaps you should visit my part of the world where due to rising sea level (from the polar ice caps melting) is faced with wide scale flooding, we barely get a frost in winter these days, we barely get a summer in August with falling instead in June, indeed, all the so called things that are a swindle are in fact self evident.

Sorry for the terse response, but I get tired of people who seem to deny what can be seen with their own eyes.

You ahve a right to your opinion, but unless it is backed up with any evidence, it is just that, an opinion, and opinions can differ.

I will temper my response to you in future as you have taken the time to write enad I should show better manners.

Have a good day.

JD said...

Thank you for your more considered response this time.
I too 'get tired of people who seem to deny what can be seen with their own eyes'. For myself I would like to point out that I have never denied that the climate changes - we can all see that it does. What I take issue with is the idea that man has anything to do with it. After all, the other planets in our solar system have been warming, Europe was much warmer in the past, before industrialisation. I could go on, but if you are really interested the evidence is on my blog, www.okgetreal.com.
I lived in Field Dalling in the 70s, when the consensus was that we were heading for an ice age, and could believe it due to the biting winter East winds, and still have a property in North Creake, so I know your part of the world pretty well.
I repeat, I am not just expressing an opinion - the evidence is so huge that I cannot go into it here, hence the blog!
All the best, Jonathan.