Labour leave home buyers up in the air and further destroy the housing market

Watching Labour Minister Caroline Flint being mauled by Kirsty Wark on Thursday evening on Newsnight showed just how far Labour have fallen, not just in the way they don't seem to care, but also in the way that they now propose things, deny them then try to cover for their mistakes.

Labour's latest massive error is, of course, to have let it be known to the press that they were considering waiving stamp duty on house purchases.

It appears, in the first instance, that Labour are completely unaware that the last time this was done it made things worse. But putting that aside, the have now throw a veil of uncertainty over people considering moving house. But Caroline Flint made matter worse on Newsnight. She did not deny that it was an option but said no announcements will be made for two months until the pre budget report. When pressed by Kirsty Wark that his would cause people to delay making a decision for two months and could make matters worse, Caroline Flint had no response other than to gives everyone watching a lesson in prevarication and obfuscation as she listed all the things any house buyer would consider when moving.

She treated us all as idiots but in doing so showed us what a bunch of idiots this government are.


Letters From A Tory said...

I really don't like Caroline Flint. No wonder her fellow MPs nicknamed her 'the Black Widow' after the dangerously poisonous spider.

Anonymous said...

She does have a strange look. What appears to by dyed black hair, an enormous forehead and a really patronising tone.

Bill Quango MP said...

Letters.. we have discussed her nickname before.
Her Civil service nickname is THE HOVERCRAFT on account of her being such a low flier.

Gordon's latest relaunch collapses into dither and indecisiveness.
He can't get anything right.
Maybe he's cursed ?