Epolitix Best of the blogs ? My arse !

Has anyone else noticed the Epolitix "Best of the Blogs" round up has become the domain of just a handful of blogs with nobody else getting a look in ?

It appears Danny Finkelstein only has to break wind to get in the "Best of the Blogs" whilst the other regulars appear to be The Coffee House blog, Conservative Home, Labour Home and Boulton and Co.

What is a great shame is that Epolitix used to link to non main street press blogs, but nearly all the other links they give now are to main street printed press journalists who have blogs also. If you have a column in the Guardian, The Mail or the Telegraph and you blog also then Epolitix will almost certainly link to what you write.

Sadly Epolitix treats blogging as the domain of the traditional press and seems to ignore the presence of amateur bloggers, "citizen journalists", if you like.

Perhaps this is why Epolitix hardly ever gets a mention on blogs that matter (in fact I cannot remember it getting a mention) and it seem irrelevant as a blog. If Epolitix has any hope of competing with Total Politics, Iain Dale's new venture, then it needs to pull its finger out.

Update : And it has, stung in to action by my post.


Stephen Glenn said...

And exhale....

feel better now Nich?

jailhouselawyer said...

Nich: It comes down to laziness. Comment is free and Comment Central regularly votes the same half dozen as the best of the web.

Martha Moss said...

Thanks for the feedback. In case you haven't seen this...