Age IS an issue

Political Betting's Mike Smithson makes a good point about Sen John McCain's age and the effect viral videos might start to have if he continues to have "senior moments" over the next few months.

Those of us who are of a certain age will remember the way Ronald Reagan was lampooned for being a few cents short of a dollar (this is before his illness set in) and his age was certainly starting to be a concern. I remember him calling Princess Diana "Princess David", and that was just the tip of the iceberg. There is a real danger that McCain's campaign might start to fall apart as mental tiredness sets in throughout the campaign.

This YouTube video is the example used on Political Betting.com to make the point.


Bill Quango MP said...

Is it too late for them to get Ming as leader?

Should have learnt that lesson from The LibDems of the damage a constant attack on a leader can do.
Especially when its such an easy attack for all the satirists, panelists presenters and chat show hosts.

Jay Leno and Co's writers must be thanking the great comedy God.

"John McCain is a man wise enough to watch his step, but he's too old to go anywhere."

"John McCain has stopped buying Green bananas."

"How about that John McCain. That Medical Insurance is finally going to payoff"

"He sank his teeth into a steak, and they stayed there."

And so on..
Poor Ming. Ridiculed at every turn.
And once it becomes acceptable, even required to do it, he's finished.

Like Gordon Brown.
As likely to gain respect now as a new trainee supply teacher, in a tough school, who has the unfortunate name Mr Bendywang.

Alasdair W said...

It is worrying to when he got mixed up between sunni's and shia's. The difference between them is essential to understanding middle eastern problems. For McCain to be quite seriously saying Iran was supporting al qaeda, is alarming. Making a mistake like that as President could be a problem.

Age doesn't matter however. Ming Campbell, was perfectly well in the head and he came across well. The media just got bored and felt like bringing him down.

However obviously how healthy or how intelligent you are is important. Then again the Americans elected Bush, so the itelligence may not win the election. But McCain could make a fatal mistake just by slipping the wrong words or having a simple misunderstanding, especially with the Middle East.