Party Conference policing - You don't have to be a brain surgeon to work this out

Iain Dale raises a story brought up by David Ruffley MP asking why the Labour Party conference costs £2million more to police than the Tory conference.

Let's put it another way and see if David Ruffley can work it out.

Why does it cost £2million more to police the conference of the governing party ? Why does it cost more to protect cabinet ministers ? Why are there more protesters, marches and campaigners at a the governing party's conference ?

Come on Mr Ruffley. Do you really need help doing the maths ?

I mentioned yesterday that David Cameron appears to have got together a good "top team" who consistently hit the mark in attacking Labour for the things they do wrong. I guess Mr Ruffley shows that underneath the top level MP's the Tories have there remain the "niec but dim" brigage and the back bench incompetents who ask banal questions that a child could work out the answer to.

Iain dale does make a god point though in questioning the role of the party conferences in their current format, particular for Labour and the Tories who treat them as a talking shop and don#t allow their members to actually set policy at the conferences.


Bill Quango MP said...

subtle agenda.. labour wastes taxpayers money.

probably sounded good in the office but someone should have dissuaded him from asking a question which has a very obvious answer.

Toque said...

Ah, but the Labour Party....Sorry, the Government, are rather over-zealous when it comes to policing Labour Party conferences.

Including getting police horses to walk the beach to erase writing in the sand.