Not an impressive start for Cuil - The so called "new rival" to Google

I was reading about Cuil, a new search engine set up by former Google employees which has been launched with the intention of competing with the search giant.

Sadly though, from my ysing of it this morning, it is a very poor search engine indeed.

I typed in "Norfolk Politics", and got the response below. Not impressive.

I typed in Norfolk Blogger, and most of the links it gave me came up with the message shown below. Clearly the relevance of links are not something Cuil looks in to very well.

Perhaps most interestingly, I thought I'd do a search for Britain's top political blogger.

It appears that Cuil has never heard of him !
Hardly a rival to Google, in my opinion.
P.S. Bob Piper explains in the comments that this is because I needed to turn the "safe search" off. Thanks for this Bob. BUT it's a pretty poor search engine that does not believe a search for Norfolk Politics can bring up a safe website or web page.


Bob Piper said...

Nich... take the 'safe search' off and it works. Cuil obviously don't think it is safe for children to read Iain's blog. Difficult to argue with their logic if you ask me.

jailhouselawyer said...

I tend to use Google and search every day for politics from Norfolk, usually to no avail.

I note that Iain Dale has only just been blocked by the Great Firewall of China, obviously they did not think he was a big political threat.

I bet you are already missing the little devils and cannot wait to get back to school...