The Lembit problem

I listened today to Nick Clegg being interviewed on Radio Five Live at lunchtime and was really rather depressed at the amount of time he had to speak about Lembit Opik.

Now I know it was probably only two or three minutes, but this was a few minutes wasted when instead of taling about policies, the good things the Lib Dems are doing in local government or even reminding peopled how awful the government is, Nick has to answer questions about Lembit Opik's obsession with headlines and his celebrity lifelstyle.

It would be easy to blame the interviewer, but she made a good point when highlighting that Lemibit is not afraid to sell a story, pose for cameras or appear on TV, and with the good stories, he has to take the bad. But what does it say about Lembit Opik that he is best known as a "serial celebrity shagger", as tabloids might put it, rather than as a serious politician.

Poor old Nick Clegg sounded genuinely exasperated, offered sympathy to Lembit, but indicated that a period out of the headlines would serve Lembit very well.

For Lembit Opik's sake and for Nick Clegg and the party's sakes, lets hope that is what we get.


Letters From A Tory said...

To be honest, Lembit got more press over the last week than the Lib Dems have got since January.

Surely you should be thanking him!

Martin said...

Well, I have a sölutiön in mind; I've recömmended a small reshuffle ön my blög.

Alexfromnorfolk said...

Then he should have told Lembit to keep his private life private.

When its a Tory or Lab I dont see much sympathy!

Though, I cant blame him for having a good time!