EU Treatry ratification - An utterly pointless exercise ?

You might be forgiven for think that Gordon Brown pushing through the ratification of the EU reform treaty today was a pointless exercise, and you' d be right. But given the fact that Labour have been deluged with bad stories coming one after another, you'd have to think it was a wise "political" decision to do it, even if it was an exercise in futility.

Whilst the EU reform treaty remained unratified, it sat there like a festering sore. It could be referred to again and again by the opposition to the Treaty and in Europe too countries could point at the UK and claim it was showing the usual reluctance to be European.

I am 100% against the EU reform treaty being ratified without a referendum because it was Lib Dem policy to support a referendum, and this was the basis on which I campaigned and canvassed at previous elections. Little did I know the party was going to flip flop and back track on this promise. So Gordon Brown pushing it through today might have show political expediency, but lacks judgement on what the people of the UK want.


Alexfromnorfolk said...

Nich, I am not clear on what you mean? are you pro or against europe?

Why the referendum?

What do you think the vote would deliver-Yes or No?

I have always believed that the Government were sure there would be a yes vote. Once that became unclear they decided to carry on without the support.

I thought the Libs were for the whole Euro love affair!

Norfolk Blogger said...

The point is it might be politically expedient to ratify the EU treaty, but it is wrong, particularly given what Ireland have done.

And NO, not all Lib Dem love the EU. The diifculty you have is that Labour frown on people holding different views from their leadership.

Bill Quango MP said...

And erm Mr Speaker..mMm MR Speaker when I come back from erm visiting the seaside flood defences on my wife's holiday, yes.. I .I .I will be ratifying the League Of Nations Agreement.

Newmania said...

Cameron is saying he will have a referendum if there is single country that has not ratified it. Does that sound sneaky to you ?

Alexfromnorfolk said...

You have not answered that at all.

You have just fired back with an insult!

Norfolk Blogger said...

I think any referendum would deliver a no vote, at present, due to the poor way in which the UK government chooses to deal with the EU and pass on info to UK citizens.

Oh, and it was hardly an insult.

Alexfromnorfolk said...

That however is your opinion.
I think the answer is very difficult. We are either in or out!
Not a sensible arguement.
Tories want out, Labour want in but dont want to do anything to make their position any worse! And your lot would sell the crown jewels. Me, I like the U.K I like the pound and I like our laws to be our laws. However, in this changing world, we have to move forward. So Im for the Euro experience, but with a lot of caution.