The real art of highlighting your incompetence by wanting to show your are competent

On Saturday Labour announce new plans to be seen as tough on knife crime. Labour's tag line "We will be tough - We will set the agenda".

On Sunday they announce that knife wielding thugs will be take on tours of hospitals to see the victims of knife crime, to much derision from the press and bloggers.

On Monday Labour hastily withdraw plans to tour A&E departments with gangs of hoodies claiming the press have got the wrong end of the stick (presulably the end with the knife on it). Strangely thoug, if the press had got the wrong end of the stick, why didn't the government say so yesterday.

It seems that Labour and have got the reverse "Midas touch". Everything they touch turns to shit.

With every new action of Gordon Brown, it is clear to see why he wants something done about knives, after all he can hear them being sharped to be used in his back if the Labour Party lose the Glasgow East by-election.


Elusive Pimpernel said...

You have to laugh - its got to the point that no sooner do they announce a policy then they immediately begin u-turning.

Crushed said...

I can't see them losing Glasgow East.

If they do, then they're hesding for an 83 style drubbing.

Letters From A Tory said...

Jacqui Smith really made a mess of this. Or should that be Jacqui Brown...?